Dr. Cassidy Preston and the CEP team do presentations, workshops and workshop series with teams, organizations, and schools. Here is a list of their most common workshops:

How to Win the Inner Game – 1 Hour Interactive Introduction Presentation

  • The 4 core mental skills that are needed to win the inner game
  • The 3 biggest mental mistakes to stop doing
  • The 5 most effective mental exercises to win the inner game

Team Cohesion – 1 Hour Interactive Presentation

  • The 5 keys to team cohesion
  • The 3 biggest leadership mistakes
  • How everybody can be a leader

Win the Inner Game Workshop – 2.5 Hours

  • The Reset Routine the secret weapon to managing emotions
  • Self-Reflection Process a key to being a more self-aware and confident athlete (also improve the car ride home)
  • Imagery Script to help athletes mentally prepare and focus on the things they can control
  • Confidence exercises to develop an accurate self-image

Team Cohesion Workshop – 2.5 hours

  • Sharing exercises to build trust
  • Communication exercises to address issues
  • Commitment exercises to build buy-in
  • Leadership exercises to practice effective accountability
  • Linking exercise to improve selflessness

Win the Inner Game Workshop Series – 6 x 1-hour workshops

  • Introduction session – reset routine
  • Emotional Regulation – self-reflection exercises
  • Mental Preparation 101 – Imagery
  • The Confident Athlete – clearing doubts & developing an accurate self-image
  • The Composed Athlete – clearing charges & owning your situation
  • The Process Focused System – Quarterly Rocks & Game KPIs
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