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At CEP, our purpose is to help your team stop underperforming and start achieving Consistent Elite Performance.

In order to do that, you need your athletes to be confident and resilient.

The problem is, like most teams, your athletes are lacking in confidence and resilience because the sport culture has not effectively equipped them with the mental skills needed for peak performance.

We know the time-demand and complexities of developing your players’ mindset on your own can feel overwhelming and daunting.

But there is no point in helping your athletes improve their confidence and resilience if the coaches don’t know how to support it and/ or the parents are undermining it.

That’s why we provide athletes, parents, and coaches with our simple 3-STEP SYSTEM that reliably improves your team’s confidence and resilience:

When you join our programs, your team will stop underperforming and start achieving Consistent Elite Performance.


Inquire About Booking a Team Workshop or Program

Mental Performance Coaching Will Help Your Team:

  • Overcome Self-Doubt, Fear of Failure, & Overthinking

  • Stop Worrying About What Other People Think & Play with Confidence

  • Manage Your Thoughts, Emotions, & Nerves

  • Block Out Distractions & Focus on What You Can Control

  • Bounce Back from Mistakes & Be Relentless In Your Pursuit of Peak Performance

Inquire About Booking a Team Workshop or Program

What Coaches Are Saying

As a coach, understanding and growing with our athletes is so important for our teams. This begins with the individual’s mental game. Through workshops and discussions with Cassidy, I’ve experienced greater insights and learned various strategies to use with our players and these efforts make us a better team.

I highly recommend joining the Mental Toughness Playbook!

Dave Smith, Head Coach RPI NCAA
Dr. Cassidy brought forward many different research-based strategies and helped transfer that knowledge to ourselves and our players. I now have a much better appreciation and understanding of what mental toughness is, what it is not, and how I can help my players develop a stronger mindset. I highly recommend working with Dr. Cassidy Preston and the CEP Team.
Danielle Goyette, Toronto Maple Leafs Director of Player Development & Hockey Hall of Fame Member
Today’s coaching landscape has changed. I love that Dr. Cassidy Preston is a hockey guy and speaks hockey. He gets what we are going through and provides simple and effective solutions!
Kevin Clancy, Head Coach U14 Cambridge Hawks AAA
Dr. Cassidy does a fantastic job of combining research with practical elements and consistently makes time for coaches to ask questions about his content or their experiences, and gives real-time support. Being part of these workshops has been fantastic as I can continue to learn and grow among my peers.
Dan Church, Head Coach York University Lions

Dr. Cassidy Preston has taught me practical strategies and concepts that I can share with my players to develop their confidence! He is among the very best in teaching the mental game, from the critical perspective of a former professional player, with outstanding research and extensive education in the field.

David Batson, Hockey Coach & Top Shelf Trainer, Anaheim Ducks Youth Hockey Organization
Dr. Preston emphasizes how to better focus on the process rather than the results which will help my team develop their skills and have fun at the same time. Every coach needs workshops like this before they even begin their coaching career.
David McComb, Head Coach U13 Whitby A2


Inquire About Booking a Team Workshop or Program