The CEP Motto

At CEP, our purpose is to help your team achieve Consistent Elite Performance.

In order to do that, your athletes need to spend more time in the ZONE.

The problem is, like most athletes, they spend too much time in their own head.

This can be frustrating and discouraging because you put in all this work to develop great cars (i.e., their skill & speed), but the drivers (i.e., their mindset) are preventing them from getting the most out of their cars.

However, we understand that their mindset can be difficult and confusing to work on.

That’s why we use three simple steps that have helped 10,000’s of athletes get into the ZONE more consistently.

When your team joins our programs, we will help your athletes stop spending so much time in their own head and start achieving Consistent Elite Performance.

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Mental Performance Coaching Will Help Your Team:

  • Overcome Self-Doubt, Fear of Failure, & Overthinking

  • Stop Worrying About What Other People Think & Play with Confidence

  • Manage Your Thoughts, Emotions, & Nerves

  • Block Out Distractions & Focus on What You Can Control

  • Bounce Back from Mistakes & Be Relentless In Your Pursuit of Peak Performance

CEP Team Program Resources

  1. Mental Toughness Assessment & Report
    A 5-10 minute online self-assessment that each player completes prior to the 1st The assessment provides each player with a baseline measure of their mental toughness so they can identify their strengths and greatest areas for growth. It also helps them identify their specific mental blocks that they need to clear to get into the ZONE more consistently. Each player gets a personalized report and the coach gets a team report. Then follow-up assessments are completed every two to three to help the players and coaches track progress made and re-prioritize their focus areas.
  2. Four Fundamentals of the Mental Game
    The players receive access to this online course and PDF worksheet. The purpose is to provide the players the ability to show up to the zoom sessions prepared with the fundaments. Then the live sessions are about making sure they completed the strategies properly and answer any questions. These four fundamentals are covered in four 15-20 minute videos. 
  1. Mental Toughness Intro Workshop
    An introduction into what mental toughness is and how you can strengthen it. Players will also learn how to clear their minds by developing their own reset routine. A worksheet is provided and the players are kept engaged by answering interactive questions and writing out their reset routine.
  2. Leadership Workshop
    A workshop on the key leadership behaviors that all players can implement to increase team cohesion. A worksheet is provided and players engage in writing the key behavior they can implement to strengthen team trust, communication, and healthy accountability.
  3. Team Zoom 30 Min Sessions
    These sessions provide the repetition to reinforce the concepts and strategies. This also provides the athletes with the accountability to implementing the strategies effectively and the opportunity to ask questions. Each session will always have a theme but the athletes and coaches help direct what the theme of the sessions will be.
The Mental Game Workshop for Parents

What Parents Should Do & Not Do to Support Their Kids Mental Game

This is a 60 min live workshop that includes the Mental Game Handbook for Parents. They will learn how to support and optimize their kid’s mental game and, most importantly, how NOT to screw it up. Parents play a key role, so it is critical that they know the do’s and don’ts for getting their child into the ZONE. The parents should have their child’s Mental Toughness Assessment Report with them for this workshop.

The full coaching staff of your team will get access to:

  1. Beyond the X’s and O’s Monthly Workshops
    These workshops help the coaching staff develop the soft skills of leadership and get the most out of their players. For full details CLICK HERE. All sessions are recorded and available to re-watch.
  2. The Mental Toughness Playbook
    Three 1.5 hour live workshops (August 2021 – recordings are available) where your coaching staff will get the full inside scoop to how Dr. Cassidy Preston and the CEP team work with athletes to get them out of their own head and into the ZONE. The program includes a full workbook for coaches to refer to and lean on throughout the season. For full details CLICK HERE.
  3. Coach Leadership Assessment
    The assessment is a crucial step to increasing a coach’s leadership abilities because they can’t change what they are not aware of. As the head coach, you may feel that they are doing a specific leadership skill well, but the true test of leadership is how the players perceive their coach (players complete this assessment of their coach anonymously). This assessment enables coaches to develop an accurate and clear picture of their leadership strengths and opportunities for growth. The head coaches are assessed and do a 30-min debrief of their results with Dr. Cassidy Preston or a CEP Coach.
  4. Additional 1:1 Coach Support
    Cassidy Preston or your CEP Coach leading your team program will be available for impromptu calls with the head coach throughout the season. These calls are not unlimited, but if you have a burning question or find yourself in a tough situation, you are encouraged to reach out instead of waiting for the next Beyond the X’s and O’s monthly workshop.
  5. Bonus Coaching Resources
    Additional coaching programs and resources will be offered throughout the year and coaches may choose to opt-in. For example, the Crucial Conversation Coaching Course (likely Nov 2021) will provide coaches the opportunity to do a deep dive into how to handle difficult conversations with their players and parents.

Team Program Pricing Options

*prices vary based on the coach delivering the workshops

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What Coaches Are Saying

As a coach, understanding and growing with our athletes is so important for our teams. This begins with the individual’s mental game. Through workshops and discussions with Cassidy, I’ve experienced greater insights and learned various strategies to use with our players and these efforts make us a better team.

I highly recommend joining the Mental Toughness Playbook!

Dave Smith, Head Coach RPI NCAA
Dr. Cassidy brought forward many different research-based strategies and helped transfer that knowledge to ourselves and our players. I now have a much better appreciation and understanding of what mental toughness is, what it is not, and how I can help my players develop a stronger mindset. I highly recommend working with Dr. Cassidy Preston and the CEP Team.
Danielle Goyette, Toronto Maple Leafs Director of Player Development & Hockey Hall of Fame Member
Today’s coaching landscape has changed. I love that Dr. Cassidy Preston is a hockey guy and speaks hockey. He gets what we are going through and provides simple and effective solutions!
Kevin Clancy, Head Coach U14 Cambridge Hawks AAA
Dr. Cassidy does a fantastic job of combining research with practical elements and consistently makes time for coaches to ask questions about his content or their experiences, and gives real-time support. Being part of these workshops has been fantastic as I can continue to learn and grow among my peers.
Dan Church, Head Coach York University Lions

Dr. Cassidy Preston has taught me practical strategies and concepts that I can share with my players to develop their confidence! He is among the very best in teaching the mental game, from the critical perspective of a former professional player, with outstanding research and extensive education in the field.

David Batson, Hockey Coach & Top Shelf Trainer, Anaheim Ducks Youth Hockey Organization
Dr. Preston emphasizes how to better focus on the process rather than the results which will help my team develop their skills and have fun at the same time. Every coach needs workshops like this before they even begin their coaching career.
David McComb, Head Coach U13 Whitby A2