Get in the ‘ZONE’ & Reach Your Potential

Masterclass – Dec 30th @ 3pm EST

  • 60 min Live Masterclass
  • Recording if you miss it live or to re-watch
  • Mental Toughness Assessment
  • PDF worksheets & summary

This Masterclass Will Cover:

The 5 Pillars of Mental Toughness

The 3 Biggest Mental Mistakes to Avoid

The Top 3 Strategies to Get in the ‘ZONE’

You Will Learn How To:

  • Overcome Self-Doubt, Fear of Failure, & Overthinking

  • Stop Worrying About What Other People Think & Play with Confidence

  • Manage Your Thoughts, Emotions, & Nerves

  • Block Out Distractions & Focus on What You Can Control

  • Bounce Back from Mistakes & Be Relentless In Your Pursuit of Peak Performance

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  • 90 Day Mental Toughness Program

  • Mentally Tough Athlete Online Course

  • 12 Weeks of Interactive Group Calls

  • 3 One-on-One Coaching Sessions

Strengthen Your Mental Toughness
Improve Your Performance

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