Every athlete’s situation is unique, but all athletes experience the same types of struggles (i.e., lack of confidence, worried about what others think, overthinking, frustrated, fear of failure… etc). As such, the principles and the processes we use to help athletes work on their mental game is consistent from athlete to athlete even though their situations are all unique. This is also true from the junior athletes to the professionals.

Of course, some athletes still prefer the 1-on-1 interaction, but our CEP Mastermind Program is growing in popularity because it can be just as effective. It also brings the added benefit of seeing and hearing that you are not alone, that others are experiencing the same struggles as you. Which is why many of our athletes transition into this program after completing their 1-on-1 programs.

In our CEP Mastermind Program, we use the same assessment as we use in the 1-on-1 programs that helps athletes understand what their mental skills are and how they can work on them. We then provide athletes with the tools and exercises to develop their mental skills through the Mindset Academy. This is a series of recorded videos that walk you through key principles and exercises. During this time you have weekly access to Dr. Cassidy Preston and the CEP team in the group calls to ask any questions about principles and tools. Duing these group calls the coaches discuss the latest questions and examples to further guide the athletes in utilizing these tools and exercises effectively & efficiently.

There are different CEP Mastermind Group calls with varying dates and times that help make sure the athletes are in groups with similar ages and sports. There is also a weekly parent group call so that parents can engage in the process and have the opportunity to ask direct questions to our coaches. All the group calls are recorded and stored in our CEP Mastermind Library. Therefore, you will have access to all previous sessions while you are in the program and if you ever miss a session you can catch it the next day.

During the live group calls the athletes are not expected to talk and engage verbally, but they are expected to send in a weekly summary with any questions they might have. Nonetheless, for those comfortable, they are asked to engage and reflect throughout the sessions. This non-intrusive form of interaction helps ensure the athletes stay accountable to engaging in the process and doing the work, while respecting the fact that many athletes will not want to share during the group calls.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about the CEP Mastermind Program and to see if we can find a group call that works for you.

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If you (or your child) are struggling with any of the following barriers then our CEP Mastermind Programs are for them:

  • Confidence

  • Managing Emotions

  • Staying Focused

  • Performing Under Pressure

  • Dealing with Adversity

  • Nerves or Performance Anxiety

  • Fear of Failure

  • Worried about what others think

  • Overly focused on outcomes

  • Overthinking

  • Tightening up or hesitating

  • Poor Attitude

The CEP Mastermind Programs will help you:

  • Get back to playing at your BEST
  • Enjoy your sport even more
  • Play with Confidence
  • Stay focused on the process and what you can control

  • Manage your emotions

  • Be a leader

  • Achieve Consistent Elite Performance

In the CEP Mastermind Program you get:

  • Access to the entire Mindset Academy

  • An initial 1-on-1 assessment to identify what mental skills you need to develop

  • Weekly Group Calls to provide the support and repetition necessary to make sure you engrain the concepts, effectively utilize the exercises, and consistently do the work

  • Access to entire CEP Mastermind Library so that you can watch any sessions you miss or sessions before you started the program

  • Ongoing online support via What’sApp Group & Email for overcoming new adversities or upcoming pressure situations

  • Part of a community where you get to hear, see and learn from other athletes struggles, stories, and successes

  • Weekly Parent Group Calls so that they can ask questions and learn how to best support their child’s mental performance

  • Membership discount off any additional 1-on-1 sessions that you book

Not sure if it will be a good fit for you?

Then apply for a free 30 minute introduction session with one of our coaches. We will go through the initial assessment with you and help determine if you will be a good fit for this program.

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