This past Spring we were referred to Dr. Cassidy Preston and his company Consistent Elite Performance by a friend who previously had been an associate partner at Ernst and Young.  Our company had just gone through a difficult period of restructuring and we needed some professional guidance and motivation to help move us forward in a positive and productive way.  Dr. Preston’s easy yet thorough manner along with his detailed and fascinating use of real life examples of success helped our employees significantly.

Part way through our half day session, Dr. Preston split our company’s staff into different workgroups.  He then put us through exercises that had everyone participating and sharing thoughts and ideas regarding their respective departments.  It was great to see our employees so engaged! Individuals who were known to be shy or quiet suddenly became vocal and involved. After the session all the employees mentioned that they really enjoyed the experience. Both our CFO Wendy Miller and I were very pleased with the seminar and its transformative affect on our staff.

We look forward to our next session with Dr. Preston and I would highly recommend his seminar to any company looking to maximize the performance and effectiveness of their employees.

Mark Atlow
CEO Strellson North America Ltd.