Develop the ‘Soft’ Skills of Leadership and Get the Most Out of Your Players

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To be a great coach you need to be a great leader!

The problem is most coach education is focused on the X’s and O’s and you are left trying to figure out the most important part of coaching on your own.

That’s why we created the Beyond the X’s and O’s monthly workshops.

These will provide you with the opportunity to consistently refine the ‘soft’ skills of leadership.

Here is the three step cycle used within each workshop:

Join the monthly workshops to connect with other like-minded coaches from around the world who are committed to being the best leaders possible for their players.

What Coaches Are Saying

For me, the best part of the workshops is how to connect and communicate with the new generation of players. Dr. Cassidy brought forward many different research-based strategies and helped transfer that knowledge to ourselves and our players. I now have a much better appreciation and understanding of what mental toughness is, what it is not, and how I can help my players develop a stronger mindset. I highly recommend working with Dr. Cassidy Preston and the CEP Team.

Danielle Goyette, Toronto Maple Leafs Director of Player Development & Hockey Hall of Fame Member

Dr. Preston creates a friendly, exciting, and infectious environment at each workshop. These workshops have been helpful in making me self-reflect on my decades of coaching and sport experience. As a result, I have a clearer understanding of what I can and will do to continue to grow and develop. Participating in these workshops will benefit coaches of any level and sport.

Ridchard Bercuson, Coach Developer Whitby Girls Hockey Association

The best part of these workshops is how much better I’ve become at understanding myself and my leadership approach. Dr. Cassidy does a fantastic job of combining research with practical elements and consistently makes time for coaches to ask questions about his content or their experiences, and gives real-time support. Being part of these workshops has been fantastic as I can continue to learn and grow among my peers.

Dan Church, Head Coach York University Lions

I loved being part of the workshops. Dr Cassidy does a great job of translating difficult concepts into clear, simple, and concise bits of information that we can take into the real world and apply. My favourite part was the ‘conversations’ content because I feel much more equipped to have the difficult and necessary conversations with my athletes that help them grow as athletes and people. These workshops have tremendous value for any coach looking to better themselves and their players.

Alyssa Cecere, Head Coach McGill University Marlets

Too many coaching clinics focus on X’s and O’s, but there is not enough attention on how can we can better coach or connect with our players in a more meaningful way. These workshops helped me to remember that my “NHL” is anytime I am coaching and that each time I get to work with a player, is a moment that could make a difference, and the only way to reach that player and have them reach their potential is for me to have a foundation in which I am stable. This course creates/stabilizes that framework.

Sheldon Baerg, Head Coach U16 Greater Vancouver Canadians AAA

Today’s coaching landscape has changed. Gone are the “my way or the highway” coaches and now it is more of a relationship/partnership. These workshops have paid off quickly. We have defused a couple of hot topic conversations before they went to a difficult conversation. I love that Dr. Cassidy Preston is a hockey guy and speaks hockey. He gets what we are going through and provides simple and effective solutions!

Kevin Clancy, Head Coach U14 Cambridge Hawks AAA

I gained a new outlook on coaching because Dr. Cassidy Preston takes the “Family First” and “Player First” philosophies to the next level. If you are willing to invest the time to be a high achiever, your athletes will do the same. The workshops are a great experience that offers an awesome opportunity to network with some phenomenal people in the hockey world. With all the “hustle and bustle” of a normal season, it is easy to pass over things such as crucial conversations and self-evaluation, but their importance is highlighted in this program. I really liked the workshops and would love to get Dr. Preston involved with my teams.

Alex Bezerra, Head Coach U18 Mississauga Sens AAA

I was able to take away something valuable each week I worked with Dr. Preston. Coaches will learn how to teach their athletes to motivate themselves, establish autonomy among their team, and to have the difficult conversations that every coach encounters. I never missed out, even when I couldn’t make it, because every session is recorded. I really enjoyed this program and I will be a better coach because of it.

Mike Hastie, Head Coach U11 Whitby BB

I really enjoyed doing the live sessions and having the opportunity to learn and share with other coaches from all different levels of hockey as everyone has their own unique experiences and lessons they have learned. Being an individual who craves knowledge, I made sure to soak up as much as I could from those sessions.

Chris Leeming, Head Coach Olds College Bronco's Hockey Team

These workshops help me gain a better understanding of myself, to in turn better my coaching. I’ve learned ways to more effectively communicate and developed a deeper understanding of leadership principles. I also have practical strategies and concepts that I can share with my players to develop their confidence.

David Batson, Coach Developer Anaheim Ducks Youth Hockey Organization

I enjoyed the workshops and I certainly learned a lot. I was able to become a better coach because I was introduced to techniques on how to create an environment that will bring out the best in my players. I will be different behind the bench, letting my players play and learn during the game, as opposed to directing them as I have in the past. Dr. Preston emphasizes the importance of focusing on the process rather than the results which will help my team develop their skills and have fun at the same time. Every coach needs workshops like this before they even begin their coaching career.

David McComb, Head Coach U13 Whitby A2

Monthly Workshop Outline

Subjects may vary and every workshop has allocated time for you to ask questions and bring up relevant topics to your current situation.


Join the Monthly Workshops to Go Beyond the X’s and O’s and Be the Best Leader You Can Be!

1 Year Access – Only $297

  • Monthly on a Thursday at 3 pm EST for 90 Mins
  • The first three dates: June 3, July 8, August 5
  • Monthly worksheets & summary PDF
  • Special guest coaches
  • Breakout rooms
  • Recordings if you miss live sessions & to re-watch
  • FREE for Coaches Site Members