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Winning the Inner Game: Featuring Michael Kostka

Dr. Cassidy Preston and Michael Kostka discuss numerous keys to winning the inner game. Kostka faced numerous challenges throughout his career, but he persevered and made his NHL debut at the age of 27. This episode has tons of great takeaways including owning your story, playing with confidence, and dealing with the grind of being a professional athlete.

Winning the Inner Game: Featuring Michael Kostka2019-10-30T21:45:41+00:00

How to STOP DOUBTING yourself and start playing with CONFIDENCE

The first thing to understand is that confidence and doubt aren’t necessarily good or bad things, they are just forms of feedback. Take, for example, super high confidence what does that mean? In fact, it can be problematic because if you are going to a game with really high expectations like "I should score 5 goals." Sounds highly confident but what is probably going to happen in the back of your mind is you start to doubt yourself. So instead – what we want is an accurate self-image. A common situation is athletes are too hard on themselves, so their self-image gets negatively skewed. So obviously that’s not accurate either. We don’t want our self-image to be inflated or deflated, we want it to be accurate.  So that is an important concept to understand instead of it having yo-yo confidence of too high to too low. We want to have certainty, clarity, and consistency of who you are. When you have doubts or anxiety those are often just forms of feedback that you have inflated expectations. WHY Do You have Yo-Yo Confidence? One of the big reasons is because we are extremely externally focused and we allow external things to affect how we see, think, and feel about ourselves. Take, for example, coaches or playing time. If you are getting playing time, the coach is praising you, giving you all this recognition - you feel "I got confidence!" Then vice-versa happens and coach is not playing you, not getting recognition or praise, you might start doubting yourself and beating yourself up.  And the same is true for like external outcomes like points and results. For example, if you are on a scoring streak or you are getting all the results you want – confidence is high. But when you don’t score or maybe you are in a slump and not getting the results you want - confidence goes down. However, the obvious point here is that you don’t really change from one game to the next, one day to the next, even one week to the next.  And just because you scored and got playing time or the coach gives you praise or some external things are happening doesn’t mean you become a better hockey player or a better athlete and then vice-versa if you don’t score or you're in a big slump means you have gotten worse. This is not true. What you are doing is allowing these external things to throw off your mindset and get you into your own head! And so what we want to do is get clarity on who we are and see that the external things are just forms of feedback. The things you do well and what you can work on - that’s who you are - and that really doesn’t change day today. Stop Worrying About What Others Think One of the big underlying reasons we get caught up in outcomes is because we worry about what others [...]

How to STOP DOUBTING yourself and start playing with CONFIDENCE2019-10-21T01:37:22+00:00

He is staying out of the penalty box!

Overall, I think that the Hockey Mindset Method is really helping him. He is staying out of the penalty box, and I also saw him do his reset routine last night on the bench. He clearly was frustrated on the first shift, coach yelled at him, and we went right to the side of the bench and took his gloves off, then I saw him move to the front for his next shift.  He made a great decision to pass and they scored on the next shift.  He is also getting better at holding on to the puck longer. AAA Hockey Mom

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Every coach needs to hear what Dr. Cassidy Preston has to say!

Every coach needs to hear what Dr. Cassidy Preston has to say, especially those that coach in our society's "scoreboard focused" hockey culture. The knowledge he provided made me a better coach, guaranteed. The psychology topics that he covers are in my opinion, the most valuable tools for a coach to wield. I won't get into too much detail of his program, but the way he changes the perspective of not only the coaches, but of the players, parents and everyone involved with the team is unbelievable! I truly believe that he is going to help change the current hockey culture that's been ingrained in this generation from the last, and it needs to change for the kids, as that's the most important thing! Brad Russell

Every coach needs to hear what Dr. Cassidy Preston has to say!2019-07-15T18:09:49+00:00

Drastically brought down my stress levels

The ones who excel and move on in this sport are the ones who've mastered their inner game. I have been fortunate enough to have had the chance to train with Cassidy Preston for the past 3 seasons. Cassidy has helped bring my game and my outlook to the game to new levels. Cassidy's teachings have helped calm my game and give me confidence through strategic goal setting and positive affirmations. His approach to "process over results" has drastically brought down my stress levels and has allowed me to direct my focus and energy on what really matters; playing in the moment. I strongly recommend Cassidy Preston to anyone looking to improve their athletic or personal careers. Dan Spence

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Helped our employees significantly

This past Spring we were referred to Dr. Cassidy Preston and his company Consistent Elite Performance by a friend who previously had been an associate partner at Ernst and Young.  Our company had just gone through a difficult period of restructuring and we needed some professional guidance and motivation to help move us forward in a positive and productive way.  Dr. Preston’s easy yet thorough manner along with his detailed and fascinating use of real life examples of success helped our employees significantly. Part way through our half day session, Dr. Preston split our company’s staff into different workgroups.  He then put us through exercises that had everyone participating and sharing thoughts and ideas regarding their respective departments.  It was great to see our employees so engaged! Individuals who were known to be shy or quiet suddenly became vocal and involved. After the session all the employees mentioned that they really enjoyed the experience. Both our CFO Wendy Miller and I were very pleased with the seminar and its transformative affect on our staff. We look forward to our next session with Dr. Preston and I would highly recommend his seminar to any company looking to maximize the performance and effectiveness of their employees. Mark Atlow CEO Strellson North America Ltd.

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