A Proven System to Get in the ‘ZONE’ & Reach Your Potential in 2021

Launches January 7th @ 8 pm EST
Total Value of $1,247
Limited to 20 Spots

  • 12 Weeks of Interactive Group Calls

  • 3 One-on-One Coaching Sessions

  • Mentally Tough Online Course

  • Full PDF Workbook



Strengthening mental toughness, like any skill or habit, takes time and effort (i.e., education, guidance & accountability). We use the following 3 phases to get timely, effective, and consistent results!


Given each athlete’s situation is slightly different, the top 3 proven strategies we use to strengthen mental toughness are personalized for each athlete so they can make quick progress on their greatest opportunities for growth (based on their Mental Toughness Assessment). Initial 1:1 coaching sessions ensure top strategies are implemented effectively.

Most athletes see progress within the first 2 weeks and generally within 1 month of implementing and refining the top 3 strategies, significant progress is made.


Phase 2 builds on top of the quick and significant improvements made from Phase 1 by providing additional strategies for athletes to optimize their mental toughness. We have numerous additional strategies (each tailored to the 5 Pillars of Mental Toughness), but most athletes won’t need to use all of them, instead they utilize the ones based on their unique needs (i.e., Mental Toughness Assessment & greatest opportunities for growth).

Generally, after 2 months into the program, the additional strategies have helped optimize the athlete’s mental toughness and performance.

Additional Strategies Include:

  • Own Your Story

  • Strengthen Your Inner Voice

  • Game KPI’s

  • Trust the Process

  • Plus Many More


Phase 3 is crucial for long-term success. We don’t want to help optimize an athlete’s mental toughness then say “Good luck, I hope it all works out” and they are back to square one a couple of months later. Instead, Phase 3 helps ensure the progress made in Phase 1 and 2 is maintained by creating sustainable habits. For some athletes, we focus on developing a specific habit early in their program based on their unique needs.

Generally, Phase 3 starts at the end of month 2, and we provide a minimum of 1 month focused on solidifying habits for Long-Term Success. Note the habits we build with athletes are not limited to sport, because these are life skills, and the habits they have in one area of life will trickle into other areas.

Examples of Habits for Success:

  • Morning/Night Routine

  • Mindful Phone Use

  • Nutrition & Training Habits

  • Taking Responsibility & Accountability

  • Effective Communication & Leadership

The 90-Day Mental Toughness Program is a Proven System to Help You:

  • Overcome Self-Doubt, Fear of Failure, & Overthinking

  • Stop Worrying About What Other People Think & Play with Confidence

  • Manage Your Thoughts, Emotions, & Nerves

  • Block Out Distractions & Focus on What You Can Control

  • Bounce Back from Mistakes & Be Relentless In Your Pursuit of Peak Performance

Here are 7 BIG WINS You can Expect:

  1. SPEED – make significant progress and see the results quickly
  2. MOMENTUM – be prepared for your opportunities as they present themselves (aka Leveraged Luck)
  3. SYSTEM – have a repeatable and reliable process to get in the ‘ZONE’
  4. RESILIENCE – bounce back from failures and adjust to ongoing challenges & adversities
  5. RISE THE RANKS – be ready for the increasing demands and pressures at the next level
  6. FUN – stay connected to why you started playing sport in the first place and enjoy the journey
  7. LIFE SKILLS – develop the ‘soft’ skills across all of areas of life
Dr. Cassidy Preston

Performance Coach

Dr. Cassidy Preston is the founder of Consistent Elite Performance and is a full-time High-Performance Coach helping elite athletes, teams, and businesses increase their performance and well-being.

As a former OHL & PRO hockey player, Cassidy combines his personal experiences with the current research in Sport & Performance Psychology to create relatable and practical strategies for his clients to apply.

Mental strength and leadership skills are both difficult to measure and work on. But, Cassidy utilizes assessments to help his clients clearly understand what it is they are working on. Then he provides customized programs with the necessary accountability and support to help improve the clients overall performance and well-being.

Strengthen Mental Toughness
Improved Performance



The calls are split into older 14+ and 13 younger groups. The program works well for athletes 10+ years old but maturity of the athlete is what matters most. We have had a few athletes as young as 8 years old join our programs. The younger the athlete the more the parent should be involved in the online course, group calls, and 1:1 sessions.

The calls are split into older 14+ and 13 younger groups. Each age group currently has two-time slots a week but NEW TIME SLOTS ARE ADDED to ensure new athletes can make at least one group call per week. Currently older group calls are Mondays at 4:30 and 8:30 pm EST. Younger group calls are Wednesday and Thursdays at 4:30 pm EST.

No. We work with a lot of athletes across various sports! Incidentally we do work with a lot of hockey players given that we are based out of Canada and Dr. Cassidy Preston’s hockey background.

In total you can expect to commit up to 60 minutes a week of work plus 5 to 10 minutes a day for daily mental exercises. The weekly group calls are 30 minutes. The online course modules and workbook is approximately 30 min per week to complete. We encourage you to consider this time investment relative to how much you invest in your physical and technical training – think of this as the insurance policy that takes relatively less time to help make sure you get the MOST out of all the hard and long hours you put into your physical and technical development.

The rule-of-thumb is no, this is NOT covered by benefits. We are NOT therapists or clinical psychologists and are not trained to diagnosis or treat mental illness. Instead, our education and training is in Sport Psychology and Optimal Human Performance which focuses on helping athletes build these ‘soft’ skills of mental toughness and leadership so they can go from good to great.

A common program athletes sign-up for is the 6-Month Elite Program – this provides more frequent 1:1 sessions for greater personalized interaction and accountability. These programs start at $1497. Email us to find out more and see if this program will be a good fit for you.

A Proven System to Get in the ‘ZONE’ & Reach Your Potential in 2021

Launches January 7th @ 8 pm EST
Total Value of $1,247
Limited to 20 Spots

  • 12 Weeks of Interactive Group Calls

  • 3 One-on-One Coaching Sessions

  • Mentally Tough Online Course

  • Full PDF Workbook