Whether you are a junior athlete or a pro athlete, if you are looking to take your results to the next level, let’s connect on a 1-on-1 basis.

With our 1-on-1 programs, we use an assessment that helps athletes understand what their mental skills are and how they can work on them. We then provide athletes with the tools and exercises to develop their mental skills and we guide them in utilizing these tools and exercises effectively & efficiently.

In our longer programs, we truly get to know the athletes and their tendencies, so we can efficiently push the athletes to grow and hold them accountable. The ongoing engagement provides the athletes with the repetition to engrain concepts and ensures we can help the athletes consistently and effectively apply the mental tools over time. We go further by providing timely support for important events and impromptu sessions for when athletes are faced with unique pressure or adversity situations.

For our younger athletes, the parents are more involved in the entire process and the sessions.

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Sport & Performance Psychology in Newmarket, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan.

If you (or your child) are struggling with any of the following barriers then our customized 1-on-1 programs are for them:

  • Confidence

  • Managing Emotions

  • Staying Focused

  • Performing Under Pressure

  • Dealing with Adversity

  • Nerves or Performance Anxiety

  • Fear of Failure

  • Worried about what others think

  • Overly focused on outcomes

  • Overthinking

  • Tightening up or hesitating

  • Poor Attitude

The customized 1-on-1 programs will help you:

  • Get back to playing at your BEST
  • Enjoy your sport even more
  • Play with Confidence
  • Stay focused on the process and what you can control

  • Manage your emotions

  • Be a leader

  • Achieve Consistent Elite Performance

In the customized 1-on-1 programs you get:

  • Access to the entire Mindset Academy

  • An initial assessment to identify what mental skills you need to develop

  • 1-on-1 Sessions to keep you accountable and engaged by making sure you understand the concepts, apply the exercises effectively and are doing the work

  • Weekly Q & A calls to provide the repetition necessary to engrain the concepts, tools, and exercises and the frequency to keep them top of mind.

  • Video or in-person performance observations for more specific feedback related to the athlete’s mental and physical tendencies

  • Ongoing support & impromptu sessions for current adversities or upcoming pressure situations

  • Part of a community through private groups where you get to hear, see and learn from other athletes struggles, stories, and success

  • Parents also get access to all of these features so that they can support their child’s mental performance

You can start winning the mental game from anywhere in the world via phone, FaceTime or Zoom Video Conferencing. Or you can meet with Dr. Cassidy Preston or one of our other coaches at one of our locations in the Greater Toronto Area.

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